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Hope everyone enjoyed the snowstorm this weekend! Be careful as you ride around town this week and make sure to lookout for black ice patches. We’d also recommend a great set of fenders, just in case…

Please send us any real-time updates on East River Greenway conditions either by email EastRiverGreenway@gmail.com or on Twitter (@ERiverGreenway) and make sure to use the ERiverGway hashtag (#ERiverGway) so we can track all updates. Please try to be as specific as possible and include photos!

This morning (12/21) we hear that the portion of the Greenway between 60th and 81st Streets is not in good condition because of snow and ice. Please let us know what you find today on other parts of the Greenway. Ride safe!


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This past Wednesday night, Manhattan Community Board 8 signaled its support for a world-class East River Greenway by passing resolutions to aimed at improving the Upper East Side’s East River Esplanade. The first resolution deals with maintaining the Esplanade in the short-term and calls on the City’s Parks Department to immediately address the unsafe and unsightly conditions that currently exist. It specifically demands that the Parks Department “expeditiously take all measures to restore, maintain, and beautify the East River Esplanade.”

The second resolution takes a much longer view and exemplifies the Upper East Side’s desire to have similar park amenities and waterfront access on the East River that neighbors across the Park enjoy along the Hudson. Acting on previously given expert testimony from NYC Parks Department officials, the full board recognized that the Esplanade is beyond temporary and superficial maintenance and voted for a complete rebuilding of the structure along CB8’s waterfront. The Board wisely worded the resolution to focus on the City’s poor air quality, enabling any improvement project to tap into specific federal funding mechanisms such as the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Mitigation Program. The resolution further highlights CB8’s recent overtures to the plight of commuting cyclists by stressing the Greenway’s role as a “vital link in the sustainable transportation network of NYC.”

The full text of both resolutions should be available soon on Community Board 8’s website.

Though Community Board 8 is only responsible for the Greenway segment that is within its geographical boundaries (stretching from 59th to 96th Streets), positive developments such as these will help influence community stakeholders both north and south of CB8 to also take action towards improving the East River Greenway.

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The East River Greenway Initiative

Welcome to the new homepage for Upper Green Side’s East River Greenway Initiative.

We are a coalition of residents, community-based organizations, and other local stakeholders advocating for the completion of the East River Greenway.

Be sure to turn here to find the most current information, news, and events concerning the East River River Greenway and the effort to close the gap.

You can reach us at EastRiverGreenway@gmail.com

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